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Birthday Blessing 3

May the Sun of each new day rise over you and bring you a constant reminder that God watches over you with Eyes forever looking "through you" to ensure your heart and mind are catered to, "around you" to secure your boundaries and miles "ahead of you" to fashion you future. God is more reliable... Continue Reading →

Birthday Blessing 2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY May the Lord of wholeness and peace hold you in His arms of Grace and grant you Joy for each moment of sorrow, Rest for each moment of weariness, Council for every confusion, Wisdom for each decision, Provision for every need and Triumph for each trial. At every lifting of your head, you'll... Continue Reading →

Birthday Blessing 1

The earth spins, the sun rises, the sun falls, life keeps walking past us all. But far from ordinary is today. Today is special because today is today, today is today because today you are remember by heaven, by time, by your friends and by your family. We rejoice in the life that you are,... Continue Reading →


Timing! I'm so horrible at this concept that even time has no time to teach me how to time myself on how to catch the perfect timing. This is so quire that at times I think there's a time-lapse affecting my senses. Time and again, I find that I've run out of time despite a... Continue Reading →

The cruel mistress

Standing in a corner nonchalant and carefree. Seemingly waiting for someone and yet no one in particular at the same time. She randomly points into a crowd and chaos ensues. It's as if she has a magic wand for a finger. Casting spells and trapping whomsoever she chooses. Some love her and willing come to... Continue Reading →

Childhood Amnesia 

Let's be angry or sad or frustrated or dumbfounded by others for a while, but quickly calm down and just blame the amnesia. We all forget! Some more quickly than others.

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